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Overcoming motion sickness will be one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century

Kinetosis Elimination

Specially structured algorithms for vestibular reintegration

Seamless Integration

No effect on the visual perception and orientation of the user

Real World Situations

Proven to block nauseogenic triggers in various simulation environments


Non-invasive wearable paradigm that can be integrated into any simulation or VR experience

Staggering costs of vertigo/motion sickness

Nauseogenic Motion Sickness

Increasingly found in systems relying on virtual and delayed sensory input, including first-person-view (FPV) drone piloting, autonomous vehicles, simulators and virtual reality

Simulation and Gaming

50-75% of all VR experiences induce motion sickness and all software have mandated health and safety warnings


Professional drone pilots relying on FPV navigation as well as Air Force pilots controlling UAVs from moving platforms are already reporting significant motion sickness

Autonomous Vehicles

Predicted to be an $87 billion market by 2030 (IEEE Spectrum) and reports are already showing up of 40-50% of passengers reporting motion sickness (including those not normally prone to it)

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